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Reading without thinking should be a sin.

Afterthought Studios aim to create stories that will touch the hearts of our readers and let them take away a lesson or two, or better yet, apply it into their daily lives.

  • Our Final Moments

    A visual novel in development by Afterthought Studios - What is “normal,” exactly, when you're constantly aware of your own mortality?

  • Purrfectly Ever After

    An otome visual novel on Kickstarter - Successfully funded!

  • Who Is Mike

    A game by Fervent Studios, successfully greenlit!

  • A More Beautiful World

    In a medieval world where magic is a forgotten power, how would a young witch wandering through the lands interact with people from all walks of life?

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Our Team

Small people, loud words
A visual novel enthusiast, Darren has striven to help the indie community reach out to a larger audience with his network and connections.
D. Taylor is a freelance translator, writer, and indie game enthusiast.
Morgana is a game artist, musician, writer, and programmer. She likes indie games, RPGs, and visual novels.


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